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How do weekly rentals work?

Our props are rented on a weekly basis. The rental period begins on the day of pick-up and continues for seven days plus one additional “grace” day.

For example, if you were to pick up your order on a Monday, your props would be due back on the following Monday. Sunday being the 7th day, Monday would be considered your “grace” day.

If the props are not returned by 4:30 p.m. on the day your order is due, you will be charged for an additional week’s rental.

We are sorry, but we do not offer weekend or one day rental discounts.

For C.O.D. accounts we require:

For Net 30 accounts we require:

For Students we require:

  • Students must set up an appointment. Please do not show up without one.
  • Students must have and wear their student ID while on the premises.
  • Do not bring friends or family who are not Film Students.
  • Prior to your appointment, prepare a set list from our website and send it to us before your appointment.

Can my production get extended rental discounts?

We offer extended rental discounts to our customers. Extended rental discounts will be applied as follows:

1st week Full price
2nd week 75%
3rd week and on 25%

Can items be taken on "memo"?

We do not allow items to be taken free of charge “on memo”. If you have a need for PD/Director/Client approval we may on a limited basis give a same day discounted day rate (open hours to close). Any rental that goes beyond the allotted time period will be charged at the full weekly rate.

How many items can I hold?

We do not have a strict number limit on items to be held, however items can only be tagged for a maximum ten (10) day reservation period. Tags require your contact information, tag date, pick up date and production/project name in order to hold an item. Any tags without this information will be pulled. Tags will be removed if order has not been confirmed 24 hours prior to pickup date. In some instances tagged reservations may be extended with a paid deposit. Please do not “Leapfrog”the tag dates.

What happens if I have an early return?

Production rentals are billed in their entirety during the first week of the rental unless otherwise discussed. Please make the confirmed rental period/s, from ship to return clear to your salesperson so we can bill correctly. We do not guarantee refunds if the props are returned early.

When can I send our truck to pick up?

We will not pack up an order until we have verbal or written confirmation.

At the time of confirmation, we can give you an estimate of when your order will be ready for pick up. Please allow enough time for us to prepare your order. Order readiness will depend on how busy we are. We cannot guarantee "rush orders".

What happens if I cancel an order after confirmation?

Confirmed orders that are canceled after they have been packed and pulled are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

What happens if my truck is late/ shoot dates have been postponed?

If we are not notified of your schedule change, all items that sit on our dock for more than 24 hours past the scheduled pick-up date are subject to being put back out on the floor and a 30% of rental restocking fee will be invoiced.

Orders that are canceled or delayed longer than 2 weeks after they have been packed will incur a 30% restocking fee.

We understand changes in your production schedule; please just let us know so we can work with you.

What happens if the props/set dressing our show rented are never on camera/used?

All items that have left our dock are considered “rented” merchandise, and therefore billed accordingly.

What happens if I pay late?

If your production is on NET 30 terms and payment is not received within 30 days of the date you are invoiced, you may be subject to a 1.5% service fee that accrues every 1 week period your payment is late.

How do I close out my account?

All rentals are subject to check in. We will determine if there is any damage or loss as soon as possible. Please have a member of your department contact us to make sure your invoices have been paid in full or have valid Purchase Order Numbers (P.O.#’s) and that there are no outstanding items or damage. Extended rental charges will accrue on missing items until your rental is closed out and all outstanding items and loss/damage issues are resolved.

Any more questions?

Please contact us or call (604) 435-3700.